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Overview of Health and Wellbeing activity within our club and community

Our first undertaking was to make our grounds No Smoking. We ran a poster campaign with our 3 National Schools and awarded 6 prizes to each school. The posters were then printed and put up in shops locally.

We started slowly and developed several policies – no smoking, critical incidents, healthy eating with our older teams, safe talk programmes – but quickly realised we needed a level of infrastructure to invite the Community to come with us.

TWe set about developing our grounds into a central point for our community to utilise and over a protracted period we have developed and built a 900m fully lit Walkway with an outdoor gym.

Our parish has 31 registered children for special needs services so on Sundays in conjunction with Enfield Celtic Soccer Club we facilitate a meet and play for all these children so their parents can have a short respite and a cup of tea, and the children can play and learn.

The club now has G4MO (picture), have trained over 60 in CPR, held mental health talks in conjunction with local groups, in conjunction with MCC and Coynes Cycles we were able to service 50 bikes for free earlier this year and hope to this again Spring 2023 as proved to be a big hit with teens.


First Committee in 2018

Our Sponsors

Na Fianna CLG would like to thank all our sponsors for their generositiy. Their support throughout the year is invaluable.

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