AFL Div 1; Na Fianna 3-10, O Mahony? 3-19

    AFL Div 1; O Mahony’s too Strong for Na Fianna 


    Na Fianna; 3-10

    Navan O Mahony’s 3-19


    Na Fianna started the game with a fine goal from Harrison Silke in the 4th minute and this was followed by points from Connor Downey , Oran Smullen and Shane Walsh. 


    Navan O'Mahonys finally got off the mark with a point, immediately followed by another point as they settled into the game. 


    Things where looking very bright for the home side when in the 13th minute Brian Queeney broke through the Navan O'Mahonys defence to score the home sides 2nd goal. Navan O'Mahonys started to get the upper hand in possession and only through terrific defensive play, particularly by great interceptions from Sean Rafferty and Johnny Baldwin that Navan O'Mahonys failed to get kept clear goal chances.  


    As the half drew to a close Navan O'Mahony's domination of possession was rewarded with six unanswered points to narrow the gap on Na Fianna to a single point. The last 5 minutes of the half would prove pivotal to the outcome of the game as Navan broke through the Na Fianna lines and scored 3 goals.


    Half Time Score:  Navan O'Mahony's 3 goal 8 points to Na Fianna 2 goals 3 points.


    With Na Fianna trailing it was Michael Collins who scored their 1st point of the half. But Navan O'Mahonys reply of 3 points widened the gap further. However when Harrison Silke passed a great ball to the second half substitute Luke Kelly who made no mistake and finished it to the net. 


    Things began to look up as Na Fianna as they scored the next 3 points bringing the gap to 5 points. But that was as good as it got Na Fianna who scored only 3 additional points through Shane Walsh, Oran Smullen and Luke Kelly whereas Navan O'Mahonys finished the game with a further 8 points.


    Final score was

    Na Fianna 3 goals 10 points(3 free) to Navan O Mahonys 3 goals 19 points


    1 Shane Geraghty

    2 Johnny Baldwin

    3 Sean Rafferty

    4 Sean Coffey

    5 Oran Smullen

    6 Anthony Neary

    7 Andrew Glynn

    8 Jamie Queeney

    9 Michael Collins

    10 Brian Queeney

    11 Kevin Coffey

    12 Connor Downey

    13 Shane Walsh

    14 Damien Downey

    15 Harrison Silke



    Shane Walsh 5 points (3 Frees) , Oran Smullen 2 points, Mickey Collins 1 Point, Brian Queeney 1 goal, Connor Downey 1 point. Harrison Silke 1 goal and Luke Kelly 1 goal 1 point.


    Subs Used

    Luke Kelly Half time for Kevin Coffey , Evan Hendrick (50 min) for Brian Queeney



    Important Contacts Na Fianna

    Secretary: Cathal Coffey (Cathal Ó'Cobhthaigh) Email- Secretary.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie.

    PRO: Email-  Pro.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie

    Children's Protection Officer: Jenny Boggan

    Designated Liaison Person: Carmel O'Reilly Higgins

    Appointed Mandated Person: Philipa Flynn