AHL Div 4a Rd 4 Na Fianna V Donaghmore/Ashbourne

    Na Fianna’s quick reaction results in 4 point win!

    AHL Div 4a- Rd 4

    Na Fianna V Donaghmore/Ashbourne

    On a very cold and windy evening in Baconstown Donaghmore/Ashbourne got started quickly and had two points on the board before Oisín McCloskey scored Na Fianna's first point in the 3rd minute. Na Fianna drew level in the 5th minute with a point by Kean Flynn. A Kevin Coffey free in the 7th minute put Na Fianna in the lead for the first time 3 points to 2. However Donaghmore/Ashbourne levelled the match with a well taken free. The Teams exchanged points firstly Donaghmore/Ashbourne and then Damien Downey for Na Fianna levelled at 4 a piece. The first goal of the game came in the 17th minute when Na Fianna attacked and Donal Curran got clear on goals and finished the ball to the net. Donaghmore/Ashbourne responded with another point from a free. Na Fianna extended their lead when Oisín McCloskey was fouled in the square and from the resulting penalty Kevin Coffey duly netted. 


    The half finished with some fine defending by Na Fianna. The Na Fianna corner forward Kean Flynn came back to assist his defence and limit the Donaghmore/Ashbourne attack to 3 scores but with Shane Burke, Kevin Coffey and Eoin Gorry added to the Na Fianna tally, the half finished with Na Fianna 2 goals 7 points to Donaghmore/Ashbourne 7 points.


    Donaghmore/Ashbourne started the second half with an immediate attack and point. They put the Na Fianna defence under a lot of pressure as they tried to get a goal. But some hardworking defending from all the Na Fianna backs and goalie Adam Farrell intervention kept the Donaghmore/Ashbourne attack from scoring any of their goal chances. By the 25th minute they had added another 3 points to their tally.


    Na Fiannas Eoin Gorry and Kevin Coffey increased Na Fianna point score by 5 points. As the match drew to a close Donaghmore/Ashbourne kept up a great deal of pressure and in the final minute of the game they finally got a goal, when they were quickest to react when a free dropped short.


    Final score was:

    Na Fianna 2-12

    Donaghmore/Ashbourne 1-11



    1 Adam Farrell, 2 Paul Coffey, 3 Marty Dixon, 4 Mark Kelly, 5 Noel O’Sullivan, 6 Stephen Slevin, 7 Cormac Redmond, 8 Damien Downey, 9 Oisín McCloskey, 10 Eoin Gorry, 17 Donal Curran, 12 Kevin Coffey, 13 Dáire Flynn, 14 Shane Burke, 15 Kean Flynn



    Oisín McCloskey 1 Point, Damien Downey 1 Point , Kevin Coffey 1 goal(penalty) and 5 points(3 frees), Donal Curran 1 goal , Eoin Gorry 3 Points (2frees), Shane Burke 1 Point , Kean Flynn 1 Point.


    Subs Used

    Richie Flynn and Dáire Slattery



    Important Contacts Na Fianna

    Secretary: Cathal Coffey (Cathal Ó'Cobhthaigh) Email- Secretary.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie.

    PRO: Email-  Pro.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie

    Children's Protection Officer: Jenny Boggan

    Designated Liaison Person: Carmel O'Reilly Higgins

    Appointed Mandated Person: Philipa Flynn