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    The All-weather facility at Na Fianna CLGs Enfield Grounds is available to rent. You

    can chose to rent a half pitch or full pitch with prices starting from just €50 per



    The following rules must be strictly adhered to


    • All footwear must be clean when entering the All-weather pitch


    • No steel studs are to be used


    • No blades are to be used


    • No food is to be brought beyond the perimeter fence


    • No liquids except uisce/water


    • No dogs or animals allowed (except guide dogs).


    • No Spectators are permitted inside the perimeter fence during sessions


    • No prams, buggies, bicycles, skates, skateboards etc are allowed.


    • All bookings must be paid for in full by the time of use


    • Bookings can only be accepted from organisations with their own Public

                Liability Insurance.


    • Members of Na Fianna CLG are covered by club insurance. (Adult social

           membership can be obtained for €60)


    • Underage groups must be accompanied by at least 2 adult mentors at all times.


    • All users are always expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Any person

                or group deemed by management to be acting in an unruly manner will be   

                prohibited from making further bookings.


    • Na Fianna Grounds are No Smoking Facilities so smoking or consuming

           alcohol on or within the vicinity of the facility is strictly prohibited.


    • Management reserve the right to refuse to rent the facility if they so please.




    Policy for Managers


    The club will apply the following guidelines to managers who book All-weather slot.


    • All Managers will collect €2 per child for training at all of the Na Fianna grounds whether that be on the All-weather pitches or on the fields. Collected monies will be handed to the Club Treasurer (or his representative) on a monthly basis


    • Any verbal or other abuse of our Pitch Coordinator with regard to allocation or otherwise of facilities will be brought to the attention of the club’s Executive Committee and raised as a serious matter with the relevant manager.


    • Due to the size of the club and the number of teams, it is not possible to accommodate all teams on the All-Weather facility. In this case any team with less than 20 training may be asked to use a half pitch to train in order to facilitate as many teams as possible.


    • Senior and older age teams normally have priority over younger teams.


    • If you are not using your allotted time, please contact the Pitch Coordinator at least 24 hours before your training is due to commence so your time can be allotted to another team. There is a waiting list for prime training times.


    • Please ensure that at the end of your allotted time, you vacate your slot immediately so that the following team can start their session on time.


    • All post session discussions should take place off of the training area.


    • Managers, please ask all your team to bring their litter with them and keep the facility clean.


    • As the All-weather pitch is situated close to a residential area, please keep noise level down to a minimum and respect our neighbours.


    • If you are the last manager/coach to leave the all-weather pitch it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the pitch is fully vacated, the pitch is cleared of all training equipment


    • Breach of these conditions by any team could mean the loss of its allocated time on the facility


    Important Contacts Na Fianna

    Secretary: Cathal Coffey (Cathal Ó'Cobhthaigh) Email- Secretary.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie.

    PRO: Email-  Pro.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie

    Children's Protection Officer: Jenny Boggan

    Designated Liaison Person: Carmel O'Reilly Higgins

    Appointed Mandated Person: Philipa Flynn