Advise & Tips- Ireland Lights Up- Operation Trans

     Tips and Advice


    • Regular runners or walking shoes. You will be walking on grass so bring a change of shoes and socks as the grass will probably be wet. The dressing rooms will be open.
    • Clothing should be comfortable too – you don’t need anything fancy, just a jacket to protect you from the rain. If it’s not raining, a light jacket will keep out the wind so you stay warmer. Fleeces are great for keeping you warm and easy to tie around your waist if you get too hot, while layers of loose light clothes instead of one thick one allow you to control your temperature more easily.
    • Having a warm hat, gloves and a scarf when it’s cold will make your walk more comfortable 
    • If you wear a high visibility jacket or armband, particularly if you are walking home, you will be more easily seen.    


    Keep Motivated

    • Keeping a record of your walks will show you how much you have done.   Why not track your walk – there are apps available to do this for yoour mobile phone. As this evening if you are having difficulty in finding one.


    Nice to Do

    • Bringing a small backpack will mean you don’t have to carry things in your hands or pockets. It’s good to carry a mobile phone – you can use it to take photographs, to help track your time and if you need any assistance. If walking on your own it’s always good to tell somebody where you are going and how long you expect to be.
    • It’s wise to bring a bottle of water you can sip as you go along.  


    • If you cannot find a babysitter, bring the children, they can walk as well. But remember we are walking on grass so it is not suitable for buggies, no matter light they are. If you are late, or finish work late, don't panic you can start your program when you arrive.





    Important Contacts Na Fianna

    Secretary: Nicola Kilcoyne Email- Secretary.nafianna.meath@gaa.ie.

    PRO: Siobhán Kirby Email-  Pro.nafianna@gmail.com

    Children's Protection Officer: Jenny Boggan

    Designated Liaison Person: Carmel O'Reilly Higgins

    Appointed Mandated Person: Phillipa Flynn