ACHL, Div 1, Rd 7. Na Fianna 0-14, Kildalkey 1-20

    Kildalkey’s senior experience proved too much for Na Fianna

    Na Fianna and Kildalkey came head to head in round 7 of the division 1 league last Friday evening in Kildalkey. Na Fianna kept in touching distance with the home side until the last ten minutes which saw Kildalkey pull away.

    Na Fianna was only one point behind their opponents at half time, Na Fianna 0-8, Kildalkey 0-9.

    It was difficult for Na Fianna to maintain their efforts for the full sixty minutes. The senior experience of Kildalkey saw them up their game in the home stretch where they managed to pull away from a two point lead to finish with 1-20 to Na Fianna’s 0-14. The end result probably doesn’t reflect fairly on Na Fianna’s efforts.

    Na Fianna: E. Reilly, N. O’Sullivan, E. Mullally, C. Cosgrave, E. Devine, S.Burke, D. Gleeson, S. Coffey, D. Bailey, C. Slattery (0-3), M. Slevin (0-1), D. Lyons (0-1), R. Byrne, B. Slevin (0-9, 4F) & C. Boggan. Subs. C. Holton for C. Boggan & O. Coffey for C. Holton.



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