ACHL, Div 1, Rd 6: Na Fianna 4-18, Boardsmill 4-11

    Na Fianna Hurlers Maintain Division 1 Status

    Na Fianna and Boardsmill met in the Division 1 league last Tuesday evening in Baconstown. This was a very important game for both sides as a win secured Division 1 standing for Na Fianna. A win for Boardsmill would have kept them in with a fight to stay in Division 1.

    Na Fianna was in flying form from the get-go and went in at half time with a 10 point lead, Na Fianna with 2-13, Boardsmill with 1-06.

    Boardsmill came out in the second half and formed an attack on goal converting most of their opportunities which brought them right back into the game. They clawed their way back to be within five points of Na Fianna. Credit to Na Fianna, they stepped up their game and won with seven points to spare. It was a determined performance from all Na Fianna players

    Full time score: Na Fianna 4-18 to Boardsmill 4-11

    Na Fianna: E Reilly, D Lyons, E Mullally, N O’Sullivan, C Cosgrave (0-1), D Gleeson, J McCloskey, P Slevin (0-1), S Coffey (0-2), C Slattery (0-1), M Slevin (0-7, 3F,1 65), C. Boggan, E Gorry (2-3), S Martin (2-3), W Flynn. O. Coffey for C Boggan.




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